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Sloe Gin

Looking for a sloe gin? Look no further as has a range of sloe gins from names such as Monkey 47, Gordon's and Sipsmith.

Sloe gin is made from ripe sloes, which are traditionally picked after the first frost of winter (late October to early November in the northern hemisphere). Each sloe is pricked, traditionally with a thorn taken from the blackthorn bush on which they grow. An alternative folk tale says that one should not prick the sloes with a metal fork unless it is made of silver. A modern variation is to pick the sloes earlier and freeze them. Once the sloes and sugar have been added to the gin, the mix is left to infuse for three months, traditionally turned by hand daily for two weeks, then weekly until the three month period is up and the fruit has turned the gin a beautiful ruby colour.

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  1. Sipsmith Sloe Gin 50cl

    Sipsmith Sloe Gin is produced as a limited edition each year. Loaded with the hedgerow beauties, this boasts a ripe-red-fruit aroma and a cleansing black pepper...
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  2. Monkey 47 Sloe Gin - German Dry Gin - 50cl - 47% ABV

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    Black Forest sloes are macerated for 3 months to make Monkey 47 Sloe a peppery, tangy and strikingly unique...
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  3. Hayman's Sloe Gin 70cl

    Packed full with delicious hedgerow sloe berries, Hayman's Sloe Gin is a traditional English Liqueur, rich in berry taste with an almond...
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  4. Gordons Sloe Gin 70cl

    Gordon’s Sloe gin is made by picking the finest wild sloe berries and steeping them gently, before adding Gordon’s Gin. Creating a wonderful tipple that marries the dryness of Gordon’s with the cassis sweetness. Perfect...
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  5. Plymouth Sloe Gin 70cl

    Plymouth Sloe gin is rich red in colour and the aroma is of mellow sloe berries, sweet cherries and a slight hint of almonds. On the palate it is fruity, smooth and full bodied with a balanced sweetness and dryness adding to a long fresh...
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  6. Warner Edwards Harrington Sloe Gin 70cl with glass

    Warner Edwards Harrington Sloe Gin 70cl

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    A beautiful partnership delivers an intensely fruity and not overly sweet liqueur. Infused with hand picked local sloes. Bursting notes of cherry and almond. A masterpiece that can be enjoyed all year round. Great on its own or perfected...
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  7. William Chase Aged Sloe & Mulberry Gin 50cl

    Blend of beautiful hand-picked sloes and succulent mulberries infused with the award winning Chase gin aged in Rhone Valley red wine oak casks. Compliments aperitif and desserts really...
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  8. Ableforth’s Bathtub Sloe Gin 50cl

    Loaded with half a pound of sloes in every bottle, this superb sloe bathtub gin is just bursting with flavour and character. A wonderful fruity gin that will alight your...
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  9. Zymurgorium Manchester Sloe Gin 50cl

    Made with the Zymurgorium's own Manchester gin, using their own vodka from distilled honey and local sloes added in the traditional fashion. Rich and evocative with fragrant prune notes. There is less sugar compared to other modern sloe...
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  10. Anno Sloe Gin 70cl

    Rich and nutty full of flavour infusion of handpicked Kentish sloe berries and Anno's multi-award winning gin. Enjoy neat or with a spice led mixer over...
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  11. Jarrolds Sloe Gin 50cl

    Beautifully rich and intense Sloe Gin from folks at Jarrolds. Full of flavour infusion of hand-picked sloe berries from the hedgerows of West Sussex and Jarrolds award-wining gin. Made to warm you up on the coldest of...
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  12. Ferdinand's Saar Quince Gin 50cl

    A refreshing, fruit spirit from Saar. Made with freshly harvested Muscat quinces grown behind the distillery. This gin showcases the perfect balance between sweet, sour and bitter. Amazing in summery cocktails with loads of...
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  13. Elephant Sloe Gin 50cl

    Marvelous addition to the Elephant gin range. To make this beauty, real sloe berries are macerated in Elephant's London dry gin for several months. The result, is a really fruity and sweet liqueur that works wonderfully with tonic or in...
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  14. Cremorne Gentleman Badger's Wild Blackthorne Sloe Gin 70cl

    Lovely blend of London produced Colonel Fox's London Dry gin steeped with sloe berries. Full of red character with a dry berry finish. Enjoy on its own or as a base for your cocktail...
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