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Enjoy liqueurs from all over the world. Choose from our vast selection of over 500 different styles, flavours and brands.

Liqueurs originated around the 13th century in Italy. Hostorical descendents of herbal medicines, liqueurs were often made by Monks, such as Chartreuse which has been made by the Carthusian Monks since the 1740s.. A sweet alcoholic beverage made from distilled alcohol that has been flavoured with fruits, creams, herbs, spices or flowers. Liqueur often contains sugar or sweetners such as corn syrup, making them a sweeter drink and can possess a dessert like flavour, making them popular choices after meals.

Traditionally liqueurs are not aged like spirits tend to be, but many have a resting period allowing flavours to be imparted to the alcohol base.

Fact: The word liqueur comes from the Latin ‘liquifacere’ which means ‘to liquefy’ or ‘dissolve.’

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  1. Hpnotiq Liqueur 70cl

    Produced in France, Hypnotiq is a mesmerising blend of French vodka, exotic fruit juices and a hint of Cognac. A beautiful liqueur best served...
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  2. De Kuyper Creme De Menthe Green Mint Liqueur 50cl

    De Kuyper Crème De Menthe Green liqueur is created from oil extracts from mint leaves distilled into a cool, smooth, refreshing liqueur with intense aromas of fresh mint and peppermint, leaving a cool tingling freshness with a...
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  3. Wild Turkey American Honey American Bourbon Whiskey Liqueur 70cl 35.5% ABV

    Wild Turkey American Honey is an exceptionally smooth 71 proof liqueur blended with pure honey and real Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskey. It has notes of sweet honey, caramel and...
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  4. Patron XO Cafe Coffee Liqueur with Tequila 70cl

    Produced in Mexico, Patron XO Cafe is an exquisite blend of premium Patron Silver tequila and pure natural essence of the finest coffee with a rich tasting, smooth yet dry...
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  5. Jagermeister Manifest 1Ltr

    Super-premium Jagermeister based on the original recipe of 56 botanticals but with an additional 5 macerates and then aged for over 1 year in Oak barrels to give a truly unique and distinct flavour. Best served...
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  6. Disaronno Wears Missoni Gift Pack 70cl

    A unique, stylish collaboration between Italy's most iconic brands Amaretto Disaronno and the fashion house Missoni. The classic Disaronno bottle has been given a fresh new outfit, stamped with the trademark zigzag pattern of the Missoni...
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  7. Bols Creme de Cacao White Liqueur 50cl

    Bols Crème de Cacao White liqueur is created using the finest distilled cacao beans giving a light and creamy, milk chocolate flavour as opposed to a bitter, dark chocolate flavour, making Bols Crème de Cacao White liqueur...
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  8. Jagermeister Winter Spice (Winterkrauter) Liqueur 70cl

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    The German liqueur brand Jagermeister is getting ready for winter! This seasonal special edition has a warm taste of vanilla, cinnamon, saffron and cloves; helping you getting through the cold...
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  9. J H Henkes Schnapps 70cl

    A Genever style Schnapps from J H Henkes. Rich in botanicals and history, the four times distilled schnapps is a wonderful classic choice, perfectly suited for a true connoisseur of...
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  10. Glayva Liqueur 70cl

    Glayva liqueur is a unique fusion of exotic spices, citrus fruit, almonds, honey and whisky that form the sweet and smooth taste of creamy tangerine and honey with the warmth of the whisky. A true spirit of rare luxury....
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  11. Xambuxo Black Aniseed Liqueur 70cl

    Delight in the explosion of aniseed and liquorice made by Xambuxo, the perfect post dinner shot. Xambuxo is an expertly created alcohol blend with strong and punchy flavours of aniseed and liquorice....
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  12. Pallini Limoncello 12x 5cl Miniature Pack

    Made from the finest hand picked Sfusato lemons in the world that are grown on the lush hillsides of the Amalfi Coast. The purest essence of Italy is captured in a taste that is zesty, fresh, fragrant and...
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  13. Teichenne Butterscotch Liqueur 70cl

    The most popular flavour in the Teichenne Liqueur range. This Butterscotch flavoured liqueur is not just great neat but also a real treat over Ice...
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  14. Frangelico Liqueur 70cl

    Frangelico is an irresistibly nutty Hazelnut liqueur. Made with the unique Italian 'Tonda Gentile' nut, that are known for being bigger, rounder and sweeter. The nuts, once toasted and distilled with alcohol, are then married with...
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  15. Tuaca Liqueur 70cl

    Italian liqueur, Tuaca, is a unique blend of the finest natural ingredients including ripe citrus fruits and aromatic vanilla with rich Italian brandy creating a tantalising fruity flavour with a distinctive aroma....
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