Enjoy liqueurs from all over the world. Choose from our vast selection of over 500 different styles, flavours and brands.

Liqueurs originated around the 13th century in Italy. Hostorical descendents of herbal medicines, liqueurs were often made by Monks, such as Chartreuse which has been made by the Carthusian Monks since the 1740s.. A sweet alcoholic beverage made from distilled alcohol that has been flavoured with fruits, creams, herbs, spices or flowers. Liqueur often contains sugar or sweetners such as corn syrup, making them a sweeter drink and can possess a dessert like flavour, making them popular choices after meals.

Traditionally liqueurs are not aged like spirits tend to be, but many have a resting period allowing flavours to be imparted to the alcohol base.

Fact: The word liqueur comes from the Latin ‘liquifacere’ which means ‘to liquefy’ or ‘dissolve.’

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  1. Dolin Chamberyzette Strawberry Aperitif 75cl

    Taking their classic vermouth and marrying it with wild strawberries; Dolin Chamberyzette have made a sweet little strawberry...
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  2. Zymurgorium Manchester Extra Gooseberry Gin Liqueur 50cl

    Quintessentially British flavour of Cheshire Gooseberries and a Gin consisting of 20 botanicals, this rich liqueur is ideal for cocktails in need of tartness and some zing. Alternatively enjoy with...
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  3. Krupnik Polish Elderflower Vodka Liqueur 50cl

    Krupnik have taken their best selling vodka and infused it with elderflower to make this fragrant vodka liqueur. Made with the finest natural ingredients, this liqueurs fresh taste makes it great for...
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  4. The Lakes Rhubarb & Rosehip Gin Liqueur 70cl

    The Lakes Rhubarb and Rosehip Gin Liqueur is the perfect balance derived from the Lakes Gin, with a layer of Rhubarb and the fruit of the rose. A blend of provenance and distinctive style....
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  5. FAIR Acai Liqueur 35cl

    FAIR's Acai Liqueur is made with Fairtrade-certified berries and organic sugar. It's fresh and fruity with a slight bitterness....
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  6. Berentzen Appletini Liqueur 50cl

    Great tasting easy to drink (when chilled) Apple based fruit brandy with a hint of tart gin notes. Best served ice cold in a martini glass or 50/50 mix of...
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  7. Grand Brulot Cognac & Cafe Liqueur 70cl

    Grand Brulot is a combination of ultra premium Cognac and Arabica coffee essence. A dry, rich liqueur which can be enjoyed chilled on its own or in an Espresso Martini....
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  8. Marvolio's Nostrums Tequilomile Liqueur 50cl

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    A fascinatingly moreish liqueur, Tequilomile uses blue agave reposado tequila, infused with herbs, chili and fresh orange. The vegetal, jellybean like quality of the tequila is very much present but pleasantly softened by the orange and...
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  9. Zymurgorium Cherry On Top Bakewell Liqueur 50cl

    "Boom!" That's your taste buds talking after a sip of this! There Neon Cherry Bad-asses are coming out fighting. Irradiating with flavour; the glaring burst of cherries & almond will illuminate the senses without apology or reprieve. Real...
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  10. Symphonia No.3 Fruit Cup 70cl

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    A refreshing spirit drink that harmonises gin botanicals with the finest local summer fruits and berries. Serve long with lemonade or elderflower tonic and...
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  11. Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge Liqueur 12x 5cl Miniature Pack

    Grand Marnier liqueur is a delicate combination of the finest cognacs and oranges with Marnier Lapostolle's secret touch. With a smooth, rich taste Grand Marnier is ideal consumed neat, in cocktails and desserts....
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  12. Cafka Coffee Liqueur 70cl

    Produced in Cordoba, in the state of Veracruz, Mexico. Cafka is a well-balanced and fine coffee liqueur, which is perfect on the rocks or as a classic cocktail...
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  13. Lejay Triple Sec Orange Liqueur 70cl

    The unique flavour of bitter oranges comes through, from orange bloom to peel, with a slight bitterness in the finale. Triple sec brings a perfect balance between freshness and liveliness. It's a classic basis for...
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  14. Joseph Cartron Apricot Brandy 50cl

    Joseph Cartron Apricot Brandy Liqueur posses spectacular aromatic power from the apricots that are only picked once a year when they are at their peak of ripeness. The cognac added provides the structure and a delicate woody flavour that is...
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  15. Abruzzo Liqueur 70cl

    Abruzzo is a delicate yet rich and smooth Italian herbal liqueur with citrus flavours. Enjoy as Spritz or over ice. Skiers swear by...
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