Jack Daniel's 1954 Gold Medal Whiskey 1Ltr Limited Edition

Jack Daniel's 1954 Gold Medal
Whiskey 1Ltr Limited Edition

Tennessee Whiskey

1Ltr / 43%

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This special bottle is the sixth in the Jack Daniel's Gold Medal series and honours the 1954 Brussels, Belgium star of excellence. The story behind this special bottle of whiskey is a feel good story, and starts with a simple letter to the Jack Daniel's distillery. In this letter was instructions that there would be a whisky contest in Brussels. Upon reading it, Reagor one of lem’s sons, handed the letter to one of the distilleries top men, Herb Fanning, and told him to take care of this and make sure Jack Daniel's was entered.

The normal procedure would be for Herb to consult with the advertising department about what to send, but instead he walked straight up to the production line and swiped the first three bottle he could get his hands on.  Once the advertising department heard about this they weren’t to pleased with herb and upon confronting they said he should have picked a special bottle to send, to which Mr Herb responded “why, all Jack Daniel's is special”.

After this confrontation Herb was little worried he might loose his job until a second letter arrived from Brussels stating that Jack Daniel's had won the competition in Brussels and give the star of excellence. Mr Herb kept his job and went on to be very successful within Jack Daniel's; he even stared in some of the Jack Daniel's adverts until he passed away in 1997 at the magnificent age of 93. Mr Herb’s actions went down in Jack Daniel's history and ensured that every single bottle made, was at an award winning standard!

Product Details

Size 1ltr
Strength (ABV) 43%
Brand Jack Daniels
Presentation glass bottle
Country america
Region tennessee
Vintage 1954

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