Iceberg Wateradian Glacial Water


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Iceberg water is made from ice that is around 12,000 years old, before a time of pollution making it the purest water on the planet. Due to its low mineral content of 9 TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Iceberg water is ideal to pair with fine spirits such as single malts to ensure the full flavour experience. Either a transparent or clear bottle is available.

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Iceberg water is made straight from glacial in the Canadian Arctic.
Over the course of thousands of years snow accumulates forming enormous glacial walls that slide into the sea at 7 kilometres per year. Once the glacial reach the sea they being to break off and become icebergs.
On their trip down south they being to melt and once they arrive at Newfoundland a significant part of the iceberg has melted away leaving ice that has been preserved for around 12-15 thousand years untouched by any impurities of the modern day.
Iceberg water is natures most unique and truly pristine water. So pure that, even on a scale of parts per billion (p.p.b/L) nasty substances such as pesticides, herbicides and cancer causing toxins such as dioxins and furans are not detectable in comparison to regular tap water which contains about 150 (p.p.b/L)
To get the ice from the iceberg the harvesters use ice choppers to break off big bits of ice, sometimes they even use loud music to break the ice through sound waves. Once the ice has been harvested it is then immediately stored in tanks to make sure no pollution gets in touch with the water.
Once back at the Iceberg HQ the water is melted down and bottled giving you the purest water on the planet!

Product Details

Size 750ml
Brand Iceberg
Country canada
Presentation glass bottle

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