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Looking for a special Brandy, Armagnac,Cognac, Calvados or Grappa, you'll find everything you're looking for from our wide selection.

The name ‘brandy’ comes from the Dutch word brandewijn which means ‘burnt wine’ and is a spirit which is produced by the distillation of wine. Whilst brandy is generally enjoyed neat or within cocktails, it also has medicinal, culinary and consumption purposes.

There are three types of brandy: Grape/Armagnac and Cognac (produced by the distillation of fermented grapes), Fruit/Calvados (distilled from other fruits such as apples and plums) and Pomace/Grappa (fermentation and distillation of the grape seeds and skins that remains after the grapes have been used)

Most common types of brandy are the French Cognac, Armagnac, and Calvados brandies, as well as the Greek Metaxa.

Fact:  Whilst France is seen as the main origin for brandy, Spain is also a well-known origin of many popular brandy products. 

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  1. Hennessy VS Cognac 1.5 Ltr Magnum

    A quintessential cognac made from a blend of roughly 40 eaux-de-vie. Hennessy Very Special cognac is aged to maturity in oak barrels and loaded with wonderful nutty notes and...
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  2. Remy Martin 1738 Accord Royal Gift Pack 70cl

    Commemorates the reward of excellence honoured to Remy Martin by King Louis XV. A fine champagne Cognac that is crafted, mellow and rich. Comes alongside a pair of beautifully crafted Remy Martin glasses....
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  3. Martell Cognac Miniature Gift Set

    Enjoy a moment of true elegance with this lovely little gift set. Featuring a bottle of VS Martell Cognac, VSOP Medallon and their wonderful XO Cogac, sit back and enjoy your own person journey through some of the finest Cognacs on the...
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  4. Janneau VSOP Grand Armagnac 70cl 40%

    Janneau VSOP Grand Armagnac is a blend of Armagnacs that are aged for atleast 7 years in Montlezun oak. Janneau VSOP is smooth in style and has a superb...
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  5. Metaxa Twelve Star (12*) Brandy 70cl

    Metaxa 12 star Brandy is a luxurious addition to the Metaxa family. In a glance, its classically styled bottle bears witness to the richness of the Greek heritage to which it proudly belongs. This smooth blend of Metaxa contains distillates...
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  6. Hennessy Fine de Cognac 70cl

    An exuberant blend; the Hennessy Fine de Cognac is aged between 4-10 years. A light, floral Cognac perfect for beginners and novices alike, enjoy as a digestif or add to...
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  7. Laird's Applejack Liqueur 70cl

    An American drink, loaded with history and flavour, Laird's Applejack brandy liqueur has been enjoyed state-side since 1698. Made from Apple brandy and neutral spirits, this superb drink is great for using in traditional cocktails, Such as...
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  8. JP Chenet Brandy 70cl

    The clever people at JP Chenet have created an exquisitely smooth brandy for your pleasure. Rich and complex with layered tasting notes, this is a superb brandy to share with...
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  9. Hennessy Paradis Imperial Cognac 70cl

    The Hennessy Paradis Imperial is inspired by the legend of an 1818 order of a unique blend of rare cognacs for Tsar Alexander l Emperor of Russia. Comprised of eaux-de-vie aged between 30-130 years with many coming from the 19th...
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  10. De Kuyper XO Cherry Brandy 50cl

    Decantered in a beautiful art deco bottle, De Kuyper XO Cherry Brandy is 12yo Grande Champagne XO Cognac with a huge dose of cherries. Delicious whether served alone, in cocktails or with...
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  11. KWV Cape Brandy VS South African Brandy 70cl

    From South African producers KWV, this VS Brandy is made from grapes distilled in coppers pots before being matured in oak casks giving a lovely spicy finish to this fruity...
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  12. Ararat Akhtamar 10 Years Brandy 50cl

    Rich in fruity notes and flavours Ararat Akhtamar 10yo Brandy is produced from a range of rich fruited wines and spring water....
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  13. Martell XO Supreme Cognac 70cl

    Martell XO Supreme Cognac is a masterful blend of cognacs up to 35 years old. Combining elegance and taste in it's distinctive arched...
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  14. HINE Antique XO Cognac 70cl

    Known as the connoisseurs choice in the range, Hine Fine Champagne XO Cognac has been upgraded from Fine Champagne to Grande Champagne meaning that the eaux-de-vie used in the assemblage are from the best region of Cognac. If you liked it...
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  15. Hennessy Paradis Cognac 70cl

    Inspired by a rare blend made for Tsar Alexander I of Russia in 1818, Hennessy Paradis is a beautiful amber coloured Cognac. Hints of jasmine, orange flowers and spring essence, make for a beautiful summer floral bouquet which remains on...
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