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The name ‘brandy’ comes from the Dutch word brandewijn which means ‘burnt wine’ and is a spirit which is produced by the distillation of wine. Whilst brandy is generally enjoyed neat or within cocktails, it also has medicinal, culinary and consumption purposes.

There are three types of brandy: Grape/Armagnac and Cognac (produced by the distillation of fermented grapes), Fruit/Calvados (distilled from other fruits such as apples and plums) and Pomace/Grappa (fermentation and distillation of the grape seeds and skins that remains after the grapes have been used)

Most common types of brandy are the French Cognac, Armagnac, and Calvados brandies, as well as the Greek Metaxa.

Fact:  Whilst France is seen as the main origin for brandy, Spain is also a well-known origin of many popular brandy products. 

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  1. Metaxa Amphora Seven Star (7*) Greek Brandy 70cl

    Metaxa 7 star Wine Brandy is made up of wine distillates aged up to 7 years which give it a sweet and full bodied taste. Mellow taste with hints of vanilla and a delicate aroma make Metaxa 7 star Wine Brandy a spirit of...
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  2. Metaxa Five Star (5*) Greek Brandy 70cl

    Metaxa 5 Star Brandy is a classic within the Metaxa range. Captured inside a beautiful bottle inspired by Greek architecture, Metaxa 5 star Brandy is full of life. Mellow and fruity with a soft taste and subtle woody aromas make Metaxa 5...
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  3. Metaxa Angels Treasure Brandy 70cl

    A rare brandy aged more than 50 years in the dark cellars of the House of Metaxa. Fine bouquet of dried fruits, spices, bitter orange and chocolate. Silky, warm and complex palate with a long lasting fine...
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  4. Torres Jaime 1 Brandy 70cl

    Torres Jamie 1 brandy is created from a blend of very old soleras and a small amount of 1972 eau-de-vie of Folle Blanche lees. It is deep in colour with flavours of dried fruit and spices that is round and lush with a complex flavour and...
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  5. Metaxa Private Reserve Brandy 70cl

    Private Reserve is the jewel in the Metaxa Brandy crown. Every year the Metaxa Master selects a number of different expressions of this Greek brandies some of which have been aged for up to 30 years and blends to them to create a unique...
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  6. Metaxa Twelve Star (12*) Brandy 70cl

    Metaxa 12 star Brandy is a luxurious addition to the Metaxa family. In a glance, its classically styled bottle bears witness to the richness of the Greek heritage to which it proudly belongs. This smooth blend of Metaxa contains distillates...
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  7. Soberano 12 Brandy 70cl

    Soberano 12 is a brandy reserva of exceptional quality which is aged in American oak barrels using the traditional "Solera" system in Gonzales Byass historic bodega. The brandy is exceptionally smooth and elegant with fine oak and caramel...
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  8. Torres 10 Gran Reserva Imperial Brandy 70cl

    Aged using the traditonal solera system in American Oak casks for 10 years, this Spanish brandy is a heady spiced drink rich in both colour and...
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  9. Dupeyron 1939 - French Armagnac - 70cl

    Aged in a single oak cask, this is an incredibly rare Armagnac. Expect flavours of toffee, vanilla, pepper and hints of...
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  10. Dupeyron 1928 - French Armagnac - 70cl

    Drinking at its most prestigious. A rare and fine example of an Armagnac, aged in a single oak...
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  11. Soberano 5 Brandy 70cl

    Soberano is an easy drinking Spanish brandy that has been aged in American oak casks for a prolonged period during which time it attains its spicy smooth taste and delicate rich nutty caramel aromas alongside a full bodied long finish....
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