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Looking for a special Brandy, Armagnac,Cognac, Calvados or Grappa, you'll find everything you're looking for from our wide selection.

The name ‘brandy’ comes from the Dutch word brandewijn which means ‘burnt wine’ and is a spirit which is produced by the distillation of wine. Whilst brandy is generally enjoyed neat or within cocktails, it also has medicinal, culinary and consumption purposes.

There are three types of brandy: Grape/Armagnac and Cognac (produced by the distillation of fermented grapes), Fruit/Calvados (distilled from other fruits such as apples and plums) and Pomace/Grappa (fermentation and distillation of the grape seeds and skins that remains after the grapes have been used)

Most common types of brandy are the French Cognac, Armagnac, and Calvados brandies, as well as the Greek Metaxa.

Fact:  Whilst France is seen as the main origin for brandy, Spain is also a well-known origin of many popular brandy products. 

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  1. E&J Gallo Apple Brandy Liqueur 70cl

    E&J, the world famous Brandy producers give us this smooth, balanced brandy with apple flavoured liqueur. Juicy sweet apple flavour with hints of vanilla and caramel which finishes smooth and is best served over...
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  2. Hennessy Privilege VSOP Cognac 70cl

    Privilege VSOP, a blend of over 60 eaux-de-vie, is an outstanding Grande Champagne Cognac aged 4 years in Limousin oak barrels. Delicious flavours of vanilla, candied-fruits and spice. Smooth and a long-lasting...
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  3. Soberano 5 Brandy 70cl

    Soberano is an easy drinking Spanish brandy that has been aged in American oak casks for a prolonged period during which time it attains its spicy smooth taste and delicate rich nutty caramel aromas alongside a full bodied long finish....
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  4. H by Hine VSOP Cognac 70cl

    An award winning, stylish alternative in world of Cognacs, H by Hine VSOP Cognac has an added pizzazz making it stand out from the...
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  5. Lheraud VSOP Cognac 70cl

    The Lheraud VSOP Cognac has a rich amber colour, nose of damp wood and nutty notes, hints of raisins, vanilla, citrus and final drop of creme brulee. The palate maintains a perfectly balanced taste with a hint of bitterness and a spicy...
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  6. Baron de Sigognac 10 Year Bas Armagnac 70cl

    Beautifully crafted Bas Armagnac from Baron de Sigognac. The 10 year old delivers an exceptional and rare taste. Mild yet fiery at the same time like a gently toasted Arabica coffee. The aromas embody a wide range evoking floral followed by...
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  7. Jules Gautret XO Cognac 70cl

    Jules Gautret Cognac XO is harmonious, round, well balanced cognac of natural distinction aged at length in Limousin oak casks. Blooming with delicate dried fruit and woody scents....
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  8. Lheraud VS Cognac 70cl

    This is an entry level Cognac from Maison Lheraud which has been aged for three years in Limousin oak wood barrels. It has light floral, fruity aromas and delicate flavours of raisins with hints of vanilla. It is perfect for sipping neat....
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  9. Soberano 12 Brandy 70cl

    Soberano 12 is a brandy reserva of exceptional quality which is aged in American oak barrels using the traditional "Solera" system in Gonzales Byass historic bodega. The brandy is exceptionally smooth and elegant with fine oak and caramel...
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  10. Gran Duque d'Alba Brandy de Jerez Brandy 70cl

    A popular aged grape brandy from Spanish producer Williams & Humbert, Gran Duque d'Alba is aged for 10 years in oak casks that previously held sherry, adding depth and smoothness to its taste....
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  11. Lheraud Cuvee 10 Cognac 70cl

    Lheraud Cuvee 10 Cognac is a great quality, truly versatile blend that is a perfect addition to any drinks cabinet. This is an extremely well balanced Cognac that amazes with fresh aromas of citrus fruits and spices that gently echo the...
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