Zampa wines were the brainchild of Indian businessman, Kanwal Grover. Grover dealt in  dealt in high technological equipment, space programmes, defence production and machine tools and imported products directly and only to France, meaning Grover spent time there, and his passion for fine French wines grew with each visit. The passion kept growing while he worked abroad in the early 1960s. His initial aim was to attract more French engineers to India and making quality wines was a sure way to make them stay here. On one of his trips to France in the early 1970s, he visited some wineries. The process and the beauty of winemaking convinced him to transform his passion into a life time dedication. His dream of Grover Vineyards was incepted in this passion. To realise his dream of creating premium vineyards in India, Grover met George Vesselle, the then Technical Director of Champagne Mumm Vineyard. During their first dinner, they realised that they were born on the same day of the same year – 1925. To celebrate this, Georges Vesselle opened a bottle of Bouzy Rouge 1925 from his private cellar. The unique friendship made Vesselle accept the challenge of growing French grape varieties in India. They were the pioneers of winemaking in India, exploring the country to find the most appropriate region to grow French grape varieties. It took until 1992 for this dream to become a reality, and the first Grover Vineyard was started. Since 1992, Grover vineyards have been producing wines, and with the success they launched the Zampa range of wines in 2008.

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