The Irishman

Awards for The Irishman Brands Exporter of the year 2010 The Irishman Whiskey Company was awarded “The Emerging markets exporter of the year for 2010” by The Irish Exporters Association. A major achievement that awards excellence and quality on the international stage. Quality is the cornerstone of our operation and we will continue to deliver world beating brands at all times. Whiskey Bible 2010 Jim Murray awarded “The Irishman 70” 94 points, in his Whiskey Bible 2010 . This was the 3rd highest score out of 85 Irish blends judged. The Irishman Cask Strength was also awarded 94 points. A fantastic achievement for both Whiskeys by one of the most respected Whiskey Critics. Spirit Masters 2010 -London The Irishman 70 was the winner of the Master award and selected as the overall winner in the Irish Category at The Spirit Masters in London. On the same night The Irishman Cask Strength was a premium Gold Medal winner. A limited edition whiskey 53% and matured in American oak Bourbon casks. A very special Whiskey for the most discerning of whiskey drinkers. World Spirits Competition 2010- San Francisco The Irishman Cream Liqueur was awarded a Silver Medal in The Cream Liqueur category. A major achievement for the newest member of The Irishman range when you consider the tough competition that exists in cream liqueurs from around the world. International Spirits Challenge 2008 The Irishman 70 is a unique Pot Still Blend and this uniqueness was rewarded with yet another gold medal at the 2008 International Spirits Challenge. 4 other companies struck gold including; Jameson Reserve 18year old, Suntroy 30 year old and Nikka 17 year old. Beverage Tasting Institute - Chicago 2008 The Irishman Original Irishman 70 was voted Exceptional Best Buy and awarded Gold with 94 points. Dollar for Dollar, Pound for Pound, this is the best Irish whiskey out there for the price. World Spirits Competition 2008 - San Francisco The Irishman Single Malt scooped the boards in San Francisco by winning Double Gold for Best Irish Malt. Whiskey Bible 2008 Making its debut in Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible 2008 The Irishman 70 was rated among the top Irish Whiskey Blends. International Spirits Challenge 2007 The Irishman Superior Irish Whiskey has been awarded the Silver medal at the International Spirits Challenge (rated the world’s premier spirits challenge). This is a fantastic achievement for our unique blend of Irish Whiskey (not a drop of grain and 70% malt). We were in good company as silver was also awarded to Redbreast 12 year old and Jameson 18 year old. International Wine & Spirits Award - Double Silver The Irishman Whiskey has claimed two Silver medals at the International Wine & Spirits Competition 2007. The Irishman 70 (Superior) was awarded a Silver medal as an outstanding Irish Deluxe Blend. While The Irishman Single Malt, which is already creating huge interest due to the limited edition, swept the Silver in what are the Worlds leading Spirits Challenge.