To pronounce Teisseire, simply rhyme it with "flair". The story begins in 1720, when Matthieu Teisseire, a liquoriste and vinegar maker by trade, settles in the French Alps where he sets up a distillery. He soon introduces his delicious cherry liqueur to the local neighbourhood. The business bloomed and remained in the family until 1907, when François Reynaud, a like-minded, passionate liqueur and spirits merchant, buys the now famous company, bringing new ideas for fabulous flavours. Following the death of François in 1927, his two sons start to innovate with non-alcoholic fruit sirops. They invent lots of new exciting flavours, but take pride in staying true to the family tradition - to concentrate the rich flavour into every drop.  The flair and innovation increased with each generation, and their incredible success at innovating with new exciting flavours means that Teisseire have already become a leader in the French sirop market. They’ve also outgrown the site in Grenoble and in 1971, moved production to Crolles, in the middle of the fabulous scenery of the French Alps. Still one of the most famous syrup producers today, Teisseire can be found all over the globe.

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