Santa Carolina

Founded in 1875 by Luis Pereyra Cotapos, Cotpas named the winery after his beloved wife, Carolina. Hiring a French Winemaker, Germain Bachelet, Cotapos and Bachlet went on to produce some of the top quailty wines of Chile. In 1877, the construction of the wine cellars began. This was led by a French architect Emile Doyère. Nowadays is still used as the main cellar for the winery. With the Reserva de Familia Cabernet Sauvignon being awarded a gold medal in the “Exposition Universelle” of Paris, France, Santa Carolina wines were gaining recognition. In 1973, the famed wine cellars were declared National Monument. Nowadays is the only building still used, constructed using the technique of bricks joined with clay and egg white (“cal y canto”). in 1974, the Larraín Family bought out the winery, but still produce wines under the Santa Carolina name.

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