Rhuby Liqueur was brought to life by Ylva Binder, a veteran of the spirits world with over 25 years of experience. First produced in 2011, Ylva took her years of knowledge and experience and created this wonderful rhubarb liqueur. A delicate pink drink, Rhuby is a rhubarb taste explosion, conguring memories of summer rhubarb, kissed with a touch of sugar to counteract its natural bitter taste. Rhuby derives from those simple and powerful, vivid images and memories of bittersweet tartness only rhubarb can create. A taste and flavour to love and a colour so three-dimensional and vivid. The vodka in Rhuby comes from one of the first Organic distilleries in Södermanland, Sweden, carrying a neat and sharp wheat finish. With vivid pink rhubarb adding flavour and colour, with a gentle touch of sugar, that ensures it's not sickly nor too bitter, Rhuby is the ideal after dinner drink

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