Red Leg

Red Leg Spiced Rum came to be when a group of rum lovers wanted to make the best tasting rum they could. 

Unable to find a spiced rum that ticked all the boxes, this group of friends decided the best thing to do was create it themseves. Taking premium Caribbean rum, they infused it with wonderful Jamaican vanilla, giner and spices. They placed this infused rum into old oak barrels and allowed time to do its magic, letting all the flavours mingle and impart into the rich rum. The end result was a smooth tasting rum with a sweet spiced touch. Red Leg was born!

RedLeg incorporates the motif of the RedLeg Hermit Crab native to the Caribbean and named for its bright legs. It captures the spirit of Island culture being laid back with an “Irie” attitude. The RedLeg Hermit Crab is always at home, no matter where he is!