Pink Pigeon

Pink Pigeon Rum is the jewel of the Indian Ocean. Made on the island of Mauritius, home to the rare pink pigeon itself, Pink Pigeon Rum is the product of the finest sugar in the world. Travelling into the heart of the Medine sugar-cane estate, you will discover the oldest existing Mauritian distillery, which has been making rum since 1926. It is here that Pink Pigeon rum is distilled from the molasses of their home grown sugar cane. And because it’s also bottled here, Pink Pigeon can proudly claim to be an authentic Mauritian Single Estate rum. Each bottle is hand-dipped with their distinctive wax seal. The rum is un-aged deliberately to secure a smooth, light and elegant taste which serves as the canvas for the infusions of the natural flavours. A unique blend of three infusions: the world’s finest natural Bourbon vanilla; hand picked from Reunion and Madagascar this sublime vanilla is sun-dried and matured in wooden cases for a year. Once fully matured, it is infused with our rum for a further six months. Lively and invigorating hints of orange citrus peel are dried and infused in the rum for six months, impartying their wonderful flavour. ,The delicate fragrant orchid petals from the Reunion Island and traditionally used to make home-made rum punch on the island release floral honey notes with hints of white flower and gentian. Following the secret recipe,Master Blender Alain Chatel then infuses each botanical individually, before being blended with the delicious, smooth rum.  The end result is a sweet, vanilla rich rum, heady in the smells and tastes of all the individual entities.  When you want rum, choose Pink Pigeon.

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