Parrot Bay

Parrot Bay is the newest premixed cocktail creation from Diageo. It is a unique idea to the world of premixed cocktail and the first of its kind. Rather than being a cocktail that is ready to drink at any time, Parrot Bay is required to go in the freezer for around 6 hours so that you don’t just get a great tasting cocktail, you get a Frozen great tasting cocktail. They are very similar to every kids favourite hot day drink, the Slush Puppy but instead they are for adults. They already contain alcohol so there is no need to add rum..unless you think it needs it. Available in an array of flavours including Berry Daiquiri & Citrus Daiquiri, there is a cocktail to suit all taste buds. We would recommend using them for picnics, parties, dinner Parties and for those lazy hot summer days when you want nothing more than to just relax. So bring the spirit of your beach holiday to your home and have easy to make, delicious to taste Parrot Bay frozen cocktails. New to the range is the Parrot Bay fruit flavoured white rums. Available in Coconut, Strawberry and the wonderful Passion fruit, add these to mixers or cocktails and float away to the tropical island. 

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