Old St. Andrews

Makers of blended Scotch Whiskies, Old St Andrews are known for their range of whisky sold in golf ball shaped bottles, from a miniature up to 1 litre bottles, including white ones that replicate the real thing perfectly. Often used as prizes in golfing events, they are known just as much for their marketing as they are for the whisky itself. Old St Andrews’ Blenders have been in the whisky trade for 75 years and have also recently become distillers in their own right. This expertise, combining the knowledge of both the blending and distillation skills, and the wide arrange of malts available to our blenders, is encapsulated in Old St Andrews unique and cherished flavour.

In 2007, Old St Andrews branched out and released their Pink 47 Gin, soon to be followed by the Blue 42 Vodka, both of which have won awards. With their range of whiskies featuring 10, 12 and 15 year releases, Old St Andrews have a whisky for all tastebuds