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Jeremiah Weed

Jeremiah weed has been around for over 30 years. In 2011 they introduced two new brands to the U.K market, the root brew and sour mash brew. These are distributed by drink giants Diageo because they are looking to expand into the alternative to regular beers market. They chose Jeremiah weed because of its unique taste and back ground story. The story starts when Jeremiah Weed was first discovered in the 70’s by two fighter pilots who survived a plane crash during a routine mission over the mysterious eastern Kentucky Mountains. Upon surviving the crash, they were taken in by a mysterious man who introduced them to his home made brew. Ever since that day, Jeremiah Weed has had a special place in the hearts of all USAF fighter pilots. Which is why every USAF fighter squadron has a lounge where all the pilots sometimes gather for a cold beer after the flying day is over. Every refrigerator in each of those lounges contains a chilled bottle of a 100proof product called Jeremiah Weed. Usually brought out for special occasions, and sometimes for no reason at all, someone will poor a shot glass for each person present, and propose a toast. The man Jeremiah Weed was born in the eastern Kentucky mountain regions in east Tennessee, an area that a lot of Americans do not travel to. In these parts they have a fantastic traditional way of making whiskey that long predates the American Revolution. Jeremiah knew the potential of this traditional type of whiskey and incorporated it into a brand. After experiencing some success but not going mainstream, Mr Weed retired back to the mysterious mountains of Eastern Kentucky with his precise location not to be disclosed, with only a few business men knowing his exact location. Only recently has Jeremiah Weed agreed to leave his sanctuary in the Kentucky Mountains to continue creating awareness for his beloved brand.

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