Goslings Rum

In 1806 James Gosling set off on an expedition that would change his life, and bring the Gosling's name to the world.

After landing in Bermuda after ninety one rough days at sea, James and his brother Ambrose went on to open their first store on Front Street in 1842, where the shop stayed for 127 years. In 1857 the firm, known as Gosling and Son, was renamed Gosling Brothers. Three years later the first oak barrels of rum distillate arrived in Bermuda. After much experimentation in the blending process, the distinctive black rum destined to be Black Seal was formulated and offered for sale.

Known as Old rum up until 1914, Gosling's black rum ws known for it's black seal, which led to a play on words and the image of the black seal on the bottle becoming a feature years later. With four rums on the market, alongside two ready to drink premixed cans, Gosling's rum is known worldwide. Many state it is the only rum to choose in a Dark 'n Stormy cocktail.