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Until the nineteenth century, Calvados was a locally produced French drink, designed to be consumed by the families than ran and owned the farms within the heart of Pays d'Auge. In 1820, the young Ernest Busnel settled with his family at the heart of the Pays d'Auge, Pont l'Eveque. Partnering  with Ms. Quetel, Busnel selects the farms for the Auge waters of life that rised in their cellars. Thus the world witnessed a triple birth: birth of a love for the country, born from a passion for apples and  the birth of Busnel Calvados . The son of Ernest, Georges Busnel gave his name to the house and to the brand. Perfectionist Georges treated a selection of apples, ensuring only the finest fruits were used. "There is no good without good apples Calvados" he said in 1902. Day after day, Georges closely monitored the delicate development of Calvados and travelled the Normandy countryside in search of new eaux-de-vie. It is said that to complete these assemblies, Georges decided to marry twelve spirits of different ages. Busnel Calvados was born. After his son was born, Georges introduced his son, Peter, to the family business and the passion for true Calavdos was passed to the next generaiton. This passion led to Peter building the distillery in 1927, and the Calvados was soon distributed around France. Sadly, the original distillery was destroyed by bombing in World War II and it would take until 1952, until the new distillery would be up and ready to begin distilling once again. Today, Busnel is recognised worldwide for their fine Calvados.

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