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Inspired by the the raw liquor made by Moonshiners in their clandestine breweries and makeshift stills many years ago, Bootlegger have been producing their white grain spirit and bootlegger brew as a nod to those determined, enterprising individuals. As for Bootlegger Apple Beer, throughout the many years of prohibition, some Moonshiners took to using natural fruit juice in an attempt to sweeten their raw liquor. However, the American government became wise to this and began uprooting apple trees or even destroying whole orchards. But the unwavering attitude of the Moonshiners and Bootleggers wasn't so easily deterred. These enterprising individuals tracked down the remaining fruit to create their own apple beer, before transporting it in used White Grain Spirit barrels, infusing the beer with its unique flavour. Although Prohibition ended in 1933, today Bootlegger still retains the spirit of that era. Every drink they create is inspired by the steadfast attitude and independent spirit of those Bootlegger revolutionaries. 

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