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The Bodegas Faustino vineyard is located in Spain within the wine producing region of Rioja, in the province of Alava in the Basque Country.

The Bodegas Faustino vineyard was established in 1861 by Eleuterio Martinez Arzok when he purchased the palace and vineyards of the Marques del Pierto. The objective was to make wine and sell it in bulk and over following years it steadily grew in size and quality. In 1930 Faustino Martinez Perez de Albeniz took over and was the first to bottle his wine within the region of Rioja. The names of the wines produced reflected the vineyard of origin. For example: Campillo, Parrita, Famar, and Santana. However this was soon abandoned, only to return 60 years later after the company introduced some single-vineyard wines. Then in 1957, Julio Faustino Martinez (Third generation) became head of the company and launched Faustino as an international brand, which today is sold in as many as 47 countries