The Mariinsky Distillery in the heart of Siberia, is home to Beluga Noble Russian Vodka.

First produced in 2002, Beluga is a blend of some of the finest malt spirits and natural Siberian artesian well water. With each expression varying on maturation time periods and filtering processes, the end result is always an exquisitely smooth and refined drink. 

Found in the finest establishments worldwide, Beluga Vodka is a truly premium line of spirits. Add some nobility to your cocktails, and choose Beluga.

Beluga Vodka is a distinguished brand in the super- and ultra-premium segments, with an
impressive global presence and reputation founded on a steadfast commitment to quality and
craftsmanship. Made from 100% Nordic grain and pure spring water sourced in Montenegro, the
spirit undergoes a meticulous six-part distillation process at the brand's distillery in Latvia to give
the vodka a smooth and refined texture. Best consumed with caviar, Beluga Vodka offers a refined
experience for those who appreciate the finest things in life.

Introducing a distinctive Beluga vodka dedicated to true
connoisseurs. Beluga Gold Line has a unique serving ritual —
the special wax-sealed cork, guaranteeing the quality and
authenticity of the drink, should be opened with the elegant
hammer and brush that accompany the bottle. Created with
only 100% organic grain and pure spring water incorporating
a precise process of filtration, and an essential 90 day resting
period. Clear and pure taste, it brings light notes of grains and
wheat reminiscent of alpine herbs.


Beluga Noble vodka is a distinguished product, that epitomizes the
field-to-bottle principle. Beluga Noble is triple-filtered and extensively
rested for 30 days, giving it time to mature and acquire its balanced
flavor and aroma, lightly malty with a distant hint of flowers. With
precise attention to the distillation process, Beluga Noble vodka is
created from the finest grain spirit and pure spring water. It has a
delightfully smooth, balanced taste. Best consumed with caviar.

A crystal-clear vodka of the highest standard, creamy and
beautifully balanced. Distinctive in taste, texture and aroma.
Each bottle of Beluga vodka is adorned with the brand's
iconic symbol — a metallic beluga sturgeon. Combining new
technologies, traditions of craftsmanship and attention to every
detail, Beluga is a recognized epitome of luxury and success.


Beluga Gold Line Vodka 60 ml
Fino sherry (dry sherry) 30 ml
Maraschino liqueur 15 ml
Garnish lemon zest
Pour 60 ml of Beluga Gold Line into a mixing glass. Add 30 ml of fino sherry (dry sherry). Add 15 ml of maraschino liquor. Add ice. Stir. Pour into a chilled glass. Decorate the cocktail with a lemon zest. Can be upgraded with edible gold leaf.


Beluga Noble Vodka 40 ml
Espresso 25 ml
Coffee liqueur 20 ml
Shiraz Wine 15ml
Add all the ingredients to a shaker and fill with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into a cocktail glass. Can be upgraded with edible gold leaf.


Beluga Noble Vodka 50 ml
Lemon juice 25 ml
Honey syrup 20 ml
Egg white 10 ml
Garnish lemon zest
Pour all ingredients into shaker, add egg white and intensively shake dry (without ice), then add ice cubes and shake again. Filter without fine strainer into a chilled rocks glass. Garnish with a lemon zest before serving.