Baczewski Vodka began its life in 1782, when  the Baczewski family opened its first distillery near Lvov.

After three decades of production, Leopold Maksymilian, the founder's son, relocates the operations to the city of Lvov itself. Passion and commitment drives him to introduce new products and the latest distilling techniques. In 1810,Leopold Maksymilian creates a vodka of exquisite taste and quality. The product is granted the seal of the "Purveyor to the Imperial Austrian and Royal Hungarian Court" by the Austro-Hungarian authorities, a privilege much revered by merchants and manufacturers of the time.

The family company goes from strength to strength with each generation ensuring that production is as it should be. In 1894, the founders great grandson,Jozef Adam Baczewski reveals that he is quite a pioneer in attention-getting and effective advertising. During the Great Domestic Industrial Exposition of 1894 an impressive bottle-shaped pavilion is sponsored by the factory owner. It is Jozef Adam's initials that are in the company's name to this day.

In 1930, the famous Baczewski tower is built especially for the Eastern Trade Fairs in Lvov. Large-scale advertising activities result in exclusive contracts with Polish ocean liners – M/S Piłsudski and M/S Polonia. Since 1930 Baczewski products are flown by air to the newly opened subsidiaries in Paris, Prague and Vienna. 

On September 17th 1939, over a hundred years of experience and effort is shattered in an instant by the German bombardment, its assets plundered and looted by the Soviet occupiers. Both Adam Baczewski, Henryk's son and Stefan Baczewski, Leopold's son are killed. Thus 157 years of Baczewski family company on Polish soil is brought to an unfortunate end.

Sevetneen years later in 1956, the Baczewski family reclaims ownership of the trademark and – in cooperation with Eduard Gessler, a relative of the family – restores production based on the miraculously rescued recipe. The production site in Vienna functions under the name of ALVATER GESSLER – J.A. BACZEWSKI. The site manufactures fine spirits, including the world famous potato VODKA MONOPOLOWA. The Owner's regard for the tradition is evident in the J.A. BACZEWSKI logo, which also includes the historic reference "Fondee 1782 Lwów".

After 72 years in exile J.A.BACZEWSKI vodka returned to Poland in 2011. All the while Baczewski have stood by their roots, producing wonderful vodkas and liqueurs for the world to enjoy.

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