Casa Ambar are the producers of tequila and agave products, based in Mexico.

Only made under fully traditional process, Ambar holds a flavour, body and aroma distinctive of tequilas made under this method. Carefully selected agave plants, and the unique labour of love and care of our master distillers make Ambar a tequila not only to be tasted, but to be experienced.

In a market where the speed of the modern processes has become the rule more than the exception in the world of tequila production, Casa Ambar is devoted to continuing with the tradition of hand-crafted tequila, as first made since XIX century and all our tequilas stick to the 100% Agave category.  The knowledge and spirit of the Mexican people that have come together to take a unique fine spirits to the world, invite you to the amazing journey of fine tequila drinking.