The Bitter Truth Mixed Bitters Travelers Set 5x 2cl

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A handy traveler set consisting of 5x2cl bottles of bitters including celery bitter, Old time aromatic bitter, orange bitter, creole bitters and Jerry Thomas bitters. The perfect selection for anyone who enjoys something out of the norm.

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The Bitter Truth cocktail bitters Travelers set is a mixture of 5 different 2cl miniature bitters. It is the perfect size for anyone to carry around the world if they expect nothing but the best from their drinks. Each bitter has an amazingly intense flavour that with only a few drops can transform an ordinary drink into a symphony of flavours and complexity. The five flavours consist of;

Celery bitters; it is very complex, with hundreds of different layers hitting the palate in perfect consistency and symmetry as if it were clockwork. The initial flavour of celery is dominant, leading to a complex palate with aromas of lemongrass, orange peel and ginger.

Old time aromatic bitters; which is a combination of traditional and tangy bitters flavours. It combines the aromatics of cinnamon, cardamom, anise and cloves, very similar to the flavours of gingerbread.

Orange bitters; predominantly orange flavours are dominate in the foreground by the spicy flavours of cardamom, caraway and nutmeg.

Creole bitters; This is a complex combination of flavours that hits the palate in perfect harmony, with each herb and spice releasing their own distinctive flavour and aroma at the precise time. These flavours consist of bitterness and cardamom with a subtle floral finish.

Jerry Thomas bitters: Dedicated to Professor Jerry Thomas (1830-1885), who is considered to be the most famous and important bartender of the 19th century, these bitters reveal citrus and dried fruit aromas which unite with the spicy flavors of cloves, angostura bark and cinnamon.

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Size5x 20ml
Strength (ABV)N/A
BrandBitter Truth
PresentationGLASS BOTTLE
Gluten FreeNo
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