Baileys Orange Truffle Liqueur 1Ltr

Irish Cream Liqueur

1Ltr / 17%

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Your favourite Irish cream liqueur with the taste of Orange Truffle. A lovely drink with tastes of the classic Terry's Chocolate Orange, though not too sweet and well-balanced.

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Product Details

Size 1ltr
Strength (ABV) 17%
Brand Baileys
Presentation glass bottle
Country ireland
Liqueur Type cream liqueur
Flavour orange
Made From whisky & cream
Tasting Notes

tasting notes taken from:

on its own (at room temperature):
 a strong nose of orange-flavoured chocolate, very much like terry’s chocolate orange, rather than any chocolate containing orange fondant.
taste: exceptionally smooth and creamy. refreshingly, it’s not too sweet, but it is very, very creamy. the orange chocolate notes are strong from the start, along with a burst of sugary sweetness, before this fades away to a less sweet and more lasting, but rather heavy, creaminess (definitely more double than single cream!). at the very end of the finish, there’s a faint hint of irish whiskey, but the cream quickly takes over.

on its own (chilled):
the nose seemed sweeter, the drink itself more viscous and the finish warmer than at room temperature.

on its own (over ice):
it seems much more viscous when chilled, although it still isn’t too cloying. again, there’s strong notes of orange chocolate and a pleasant finish of cream. very, very easy to drink.

with poteen:
when i say poteen i mean the traditional whey-based spirit* and not some grain based variety (which would curdle). the poteen adds a lovely, spicy kick to the drink and transforms this into a tasty spirit that is better to sip than gulp down. the orange chocolate notes are still very much present, but some of the previously dull cream notes on the finish are replaced with the more spicy creaminess of the poteen, and there is, overall, a lighter, silkiness.

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