Fireball Cinnamon Liqueur 70cl

Canadian Cinnamon and Whiskey Liqueur

70cl / 33% ABV



Fireball is made with Canadian whisky and natural cinnamon flavours. Sweet yet spicy, hot but cold, Fireball Cinnamon and Whisky Liqueur is a delight to drink, shoot and mix. Best enjoyed once chilled.
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More Information

Fireball Cinnamon and Whisky Liqueur needs no introduction. If you haven't tried it yet, just imagine what it would be like to get a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick to the face if his legs were on fire and tasted like cinnamon. Like it, love it, shoot it - your dad's whisky never tasted so smooth. What happens next is up to you. Rumour has it that Fireball was forged sometime in the mid-80s during the coldest winter Canada had ever seen, when a mixologist turned mad scientist accidentally created a permanent solution to frostbite.

Product Details

Size 70cl
Strength 33% abv
Brand Fireball
Presentation glass bottle
Country canada
Liqueur Type whisky liqueur
Flavour cinnamon
Made From cinnamon & spices

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Customer Reviews

I came across this in the states quite buy chance and oh what a find!!! This is so easy to drink either straight up,with ice and or a mixer it's so moorish!!!
Review by Lawrence Du Pavey on 26/07/2015
It's one hell of a drink to get you started in the party mode what a drink what a night! !!
Review by atom bomb tom on 26/07/2015
If you have a cold or cough drink fireball !!
Review by stubber on 22/03/2013
What a drink! Would recommend to anyone in apple juice, cider or even mulled wine! :)
Review by Fireball_fanatic on 17/12/2012
mmmmmmm f**kin beautiful man!
Review by bellend on 26/11/2012
Just the answer for tickling, chesty cough.
One measure. Knock it .right backj
Review by MartinC7 on 30/09/2012
Most all alcoholic beverages are unpleasant to me, but plain, over ice, this stuff ROCKS! It's like a warm hug on a cold night.
Review by canadianlam on 28/09/2012
I agree with the above comment, Fireball is really different and tasty.

Try it with Apple Juice - Apple and cinnamon are like two peas in a pod!
Review by Jo on 05/12/2011
Flipping lovely, try it with apple juice as cinnamon and apple go together very well - I agree with the above, one of the best!!
Review by Piss Head on 02/12/2011
I am from the Mumbai in India and can tell you this drink is the BOMB!!! Mixed with red chutney and garlic it just stinks the place out...get some in you man...
Review by Drunk man from Mumbai on 17/11/2011
This is a superb drink product and one of the best shooters I've ever had the pleasure of enjoying. I've also tried in a Firebomb (shot dropped into energy drink and downed).....though I have to say, this mixes much better with Pussy Natural Energy than any Red Bull type mainstream energy stuff. Try it, I guarantee you'll agree!
Review by Drink Lover on 01/06/2011
Love it with Redbull
Review by BurnBabyBurn on 27/04/2011