Sailor Jerry

Sailor Jerry Spiced rum was developed with a lot of love and care. With many months spent researching historical maritime rums, they finally came up with the perfect recipe, based on those used by sailors to improve the taste of their on board rum rations.

Generally there were two ways to take the edge off rum. One was to age the liquid in wooden casks, which sailors rarely bothered with. The other way was to blend in spices, which is the route Sailor Jerry's took.

Named after Sailor  Norman "Jerry" Thomas, the rum is made using the same craftsmanship as precision that he applied to his life. With his attention to detail in his tattooing career, everything his did was with precise accuracy, and Sailor Jerry Spiced rum is a wonderful tribute. Bearing a higher proof than the majority of spiced rums, this is because they wanted to keep the rum as similar to maritime rums as possible. In fact, the term “proof” comes from the method whereby sailors could assure their rum rations weren't being watered down. The ship's captain would ladle out a sample from the day's rum barrel in front of the men. He'd douse it with gunpowder, then give it a spark — if the rum was full strength, the powder ignited, giving sailors “proof” of the integrity of their rum.

So, raise a glass to true craftsmanship, and think of Jerry when you enjoy this superb spiced rum.

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