In 1815, Ausano Ramazzotti invented a well balanced blend of 33 herbs and roots in finest quality alcohol, from his base in a small commercial workshop near the Arena in Milan, making the most of his knowledge of herbs and experience in the wine and spirit trade. The result was Amaro Ramazzotti, the first Italian Bitters to be made. With this delicious invention being enjuoyed by the locals, th first Ramazotti bar opened in Milan in 1848, where the locals gathered  to drink Amaro Ramazzotti as an alternative to coffee.

With the next generation in line taking over, the company grew and in 1872,the Ramazzotti heirs gave new drive to the business by transferring production to a new building in Milan’s Via Canonica, to increase the production capacity of Amaro Ramazzott, which had now reached the peak of its renown, with its unmistakable blue and red label.

The second world war put a stop to the dizzying success of the product, when the factory was completely destroyed in a bombing raid. With the new factory finished in 1959, Ramazzotti went global, and was introduced to 30 countries across the globe. Today, Amaro Ramazzotti is found in more countries, and the company have expanded their range to include grappas and sambuccas. 

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  • Romana Black Italian Black Sambuca Liqueur 70cl

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